idibu launches product range

idibu launches product range

November 9, 2010 News

Software developer idibu today announced that it has divided and individually branded its four core products to form a range of services. The move is designed to offer clarity to the market, enabling buyers to pick and choose which services they require. idibu also launched it’s re-designed website to illustrate the new range.

Previously all software released was known as idibu, however as from today, the multi-posting technology will be known as Adpost, applicant tracking and candidate management as Aptrack and the innovative candidate screening technology is branded as Apfilter. idibu has also branded its offering for the corporate market as Adpost HR – a pay as you post version of Adpost that has Aptrack included absolutely free.

The names were all chosen to reflect idibu’s core philosophy of simple, clean and intuitive software, Account Director Martin Bramall explained: “The idea was to offer a range of services with a ‘does what it says on the tin attitude’. We don’t think Adpost, Aptrack or Apfilter need much explanation as to what types of services they are. Our services have evolved rapidly since we started three and a half years ago and we feel that with such a varied range of services available that to try and market everything under the idibu name was too vague. We can now offer a single or combination of applications and buyers will be able to make easier decisions as to how they want to build their requirements.”

Commenting on the launch of the newly designed site, Managing Director Steve Walker said, “Today we finally managed to get our new site live — not an easy task whilst managing the business. We’re delighted to get it up and running as it’s been something we’ve been working on since March this year. As well as bringing the look and feel of the site up to date we have importantly re-branded the product set to make the broad service range we provide much clearer. As ever, the website is a work in progress so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas on things they’d like to see, please let us know.”

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