idibu launch – international partner and developer portal

idibu launch – international partner and developer portal

February 17, 2012 News 0

idibu launches international developer and partner portal

idibu has launched, a partner and developer portal with an international focus.

idibu Managing Director Steve Walker recently relocated to Bangkok to be in easy reach of Hong Kong and Singapore amongst other countries in the APAC region, and is a platform to allow partners and developers to work with idibu as it expands beyond Europe.

For partners, the new portal allows them to manage whitelabel accounts, to view usage data of their own clients, and be able to manage referrals passed through to the idibu team.

For developers there is a full API documentation library, plus full technical support for anyone looking to take the idibu functions and code to make it their own.

In an industry first, idibu has released the idibu Integration Kit (IIK) that allows third party developers to add posting destinations to the idibu board network. Not only does it mean idibu can expand into territories quickly, but developers are free to take the idibu posting engine and to use it beyond the work of advert distribution. The IIK is available from inside the new portal.

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