idibu innovates with simultaneous post and search

idibu innovates with simultaneous post and search

One of the less pub­li­cised aspects of Apsearch — idibu’s aggre­gated CV search prod­uct — is that it also allows you to search dur­ing the advert dis­tri­b­u­tion process.

That’s pretty handy!

The only addi­tional infor­ma­tion you have to add dur­ing the post process is an optional post­code (for radial search­ing), and of course some key­words. The key­words field how­ever is intel­li­gent — it learns the key­words you like to use, and over time will auto­mat­i­cally fill them out for you, using the advert title and descrip­tion to work out what it is your search­ing for.

It also pro­vides excel­lent local search — so if you dont want to search remote CV data­bases, you can at least get the ben­e­fit of search­ing all the appli­cants that have been processed by idibu pre­vi­ously (imag­ine the great reuse of your mar­ket­ing bud­get here…).

idibu MD Steve Walker has blogged about the fea­ture, and also cre­ated a 3 minute video to give you a quick overview of Apsearch, and how it fits together to simul­ta­ne­ously post and search — you can check out his blog over on our partner/developer web­site, or jump straight to the video below.

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