Bond adapts v11 to add idibu integration

Bond adapts v11 to add idibu integration

July 31, 2013 News

idibu are pleased to announce the integration between Bond Adapt v11 – the specialist portfolio of recruitment applications – with idibu, a multi-posting service that links seamlessly to over 1200 job boards throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

As a result of the integrated technology, the user is able to draw vacancies out of the database and automatically post them onto job boards and social network sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. The Bond Adapt technology provides a seamless approach to posting jobs from the recruitment database onto the net. Users can now simply click on the ‘multi-poster’ tab from inside the job listing, edit required fields and descriptors, and post immediately for public viewing.

James Payne, Head of Business Development, Head of Product Design, comments, “We are delighted to partner with idibu to further enhance the functionality of Bond Adapt. We’ve taken onboard feedback from our customers and this integration offers them an alternative with which to post jobs onto the internet, helping them make a real difference to save time and improve efficiency when sourcing candidates.”

Steve Walker, Managing Director of idibu concludes, “Bond Adapt v11 is a great platform. The integration offers users a simple but powerful experience. We’re pleased to provide multi-posting facilities to Bond Adapt users and we’re already looking to add further functionality and offer more idibu services to Bond users in the future.’

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