idibu Announces Agreement with Kelly Services®

idibu Announces Agreement with Kelly Services®

February 18, 2015 News 0

February 17th 2015

idibu, a developer of online recruitment software, has announced a global licensing agreement with Kelly Services® in EMEA. Kelly® is a global leader in providing workforce solutions.

Under the agreement, idibu provides job posting and applicant tracking software through Kelly Services’ applicant tracking system to more than 750 consultants. The software, which was piloted in Switzerland and Poland, is utilised by 188 Kelly recruiting teams across 12 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Benelux, with others to be added during 2015.

“Our experience with idibu has been very good. A proactive and accommodating approach to our bespoke requirements has been coupled with a simple to use solution that is sustained by a rapid response from their support team,” said Rainer Graf, senior director of IT for Kelly Services in EMEA

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