3 Key Steps to Unleashing the Power of Job Boards

3 Key Steps to Unleashing the Power of Job Boards

3 Key Steps to Unleashing the Power of Job Boards

June 3, 2015 Company blog 0

Whatever you think about job boards, their staying power and determination in a fast moving industry is plain to see and something that cannot be ignored. You may think that you understand its power but after these 3 tips, you’ll realise you’ve heard nothing yet…

1) Be Quick
With job confidence now stronger than ever, job seekers can now view job postings instantaneously. With so many people going after one job, sending out an alert as soon as a job is posted will help massively in filling a vacancy.

2) Make it Unique
Too often, candidates chain-apply for jobs across a variety of boards, meaning that to bulk apply, their CV has to be as generic as possible. Encourage seekers to customise their CV to perfectly fit the role for which they apply – if they don’t, not only will their time be wasted but there’ll be an empty desk at the office.

3) Help them out
Uploaded CV’s are usually catalogued based on their submitted date, meaning that a candidate from 6 months ago that wasn’t perfect for one role but is for another is lost in a sea of CV’s. Send a little reminder to candidates that haven’t updated or refreshed their CV in the last 6-8 months and take your pick of top talent!


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