About idibu

About idibu

About idibu

November 8, 2010 Articles

idibu – helping you make more placements

An evolving recruitment landscape has placed demands on those involved to produce more than bottom-line revenue. Clients want to work with market experts, jobseekers expect consultative advice, but developing these skills and learning new ones takes time and time is a commodity not afforded many successful recruiters. So working with the right external business partners is essential if you want to retrieve those lost hours.

idibu is a software developer for the recruitment industry, whose multi-posting technology Adpost, helps recruiters simultaneously post job ads across multiple sites across the net.  Trusted by some of the biggest names in the UK recruitment sector, idibu’s product range is fast, accurate, easy to use and fully customisable. Here we explain where the company derived from and how its products benefit recruitment agencies and direct employers.

Who and what is idibu and where did you come from?

The name itself comes from the word “dibu”, which in Mandarin Chinese means ‘to fill a vacancy’.  We developed out of one half of our parent company, which was a web and software development agency, building websites for recruitment agencies.  Many of our clients enquired about multi-posting options and it made us think there was a need in the market for a new product.

On the board are Managing Director Steve Walker and Account Director Martin Bramall. Steve comes from a pretty techie background, previously working with IBM, London Internet Exchange (Linx) and XchangePoint. Prior to that in the early 90’s I believe he was a fairly successful club night promoter and DJ. Martin works more on the commercial and client facing aspect of the business. Prior to idibu he spent over 10 years in the world of PR, Marketing and New Business development for a collection of agencies and videogame publishers. The yin to Steve’s techie yan.

How does idibu help recruiters?

We help recruiters ease some of the stress in their working life, giving them a bit of time back in their day to get on with the stuff they’re good at – and enjoy!  Online advertising is a great way to attract talent but it can sap a lot of hours.  Our products not only allow for a streamlined multi-posting process, but also the delivery of accurate candidate tracking and management reporting.  We can also screen out huge swathes of inappropriate applicants, allowing recruiters to get to quality candidates quicker than their competitors.

Why use idibu?

Our philosophy is to constantly deliver fast, easy to use, adaptable software at a sensible price with fantastic levels of customer services. Notably our products:

  • Improve efficiency and save you time and money
  • Can be rolled out within a matter of hours – no server installation
  • Control online budgets: add quotas to individuals, teams or offices
  • Quick repost: all your jobs out to all your boards in literally 3 clicks
  • Reduce inappropriate applicants and get to the quality one quicker
  • Sensible pricing: don’t pay peanuts and don’t bankrupt yourself either
  • Social media friendly with connections to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

What’s round the corner?

Our clients expect a streamlined experience, which compliments their own business ethos.  So ensuring our software inter-operates with other vendors is a big driver for us. To this end we’re really excited about our latest response to market change, the launch of Apfilter.  Apfilter is a brand new technology that plugs into Adpost allowing users to screen applicants across all online candidate sources – job boards, social media and your website. A major issue facing consultants in their daily working life is inappropriate applicants. Apfilter massively reduces the noise a candidate rich market creates and helps recruiters target quality applicants quicker than the competition.