Case Studies

Case Studies

Access Group

The Access Group had a very manual and time consuming process for job posting and applicant tracking. Human error and lack of time to devote to manual admin tasks were compounding the issues.


Frazer John did not have software to enable multi posting or manage candidate data. Having to log in and out of multiple job boards to post jobs repetitively was time consuming and inefficient. Frazer John wanted their sales consultants to be able to focus on building relationships rather than getting caught up in manual administrative tasks.


IntaPeople did not have a good integration between their previous job multi-posting solution and their CRM (RDB ProNet). As a result, they were spending up to 3 hours a day manually processing job applications and adding CVs to the RDB ProNet database.

KDC Resource

KDC Resource wanted a tight integration between their job posting software and CRM. The software in place at the time did not have a good process for handing-off applicant data information into their CRM, and trying to tackle this problem had led to a multi-layered process using multiple software platforms that were not intuitive or easy to use.

O2 (Telefonica UK)

O2 (Telefonica UK) were advertising hundreds of jobs every month. This was an extremely time consuming, resource heavy process that required 2 full time employees who were dedicated to posting these jobs manually to dozens of different job boards. O2 (Telefonica UK) wanted to reduce the time and resource spent managing job postings and required a multi posting platform to work alongside their existing ATS.

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police

The West Mercia Police recruitment team have been able to dramatically speed up the job advert process and can get jobs out on multiple boards in less than 15 minutes, previously this had taken up to an hour.


Clearfield were looking for a way to maximise their database of candidates as they were only keeping a handful of applicants out of the many that would apply for a role. This would not only give them a better talent pool for future roles but would also maximise their job advert spend and speed up time to hire.