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idibu is an exceptional tool that is a must have for businesses looking for an easy and simple advertising platform

Thomas IngramClearfield

About Clearfield

Clearfield are specialist construction sector recruiters helping contractors, employers and workers to deliver on projects.

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  • Specialities: Built environment sector, incorporating all aspects of construction and fitting.
  • Locations: Leeds and Ipswich

The Challenge

Clearfield were looking for a way to maximise their database of candidates as they were only keeping a handful of applicants out of the many that would apply for a role. This would not only give them a better talent pool for future roles but would also maximise their job advert spend and speed up time to hire. It was clear that they would need to automate the applicant handling process and have a good integration with their RDB database if they wanted to achieve this.

They also wanted to reduce the amount of manual and repetitive posting of jobs as one person would be spending a lot of time duplicating job advert information across a number of channels, increasing the possibility of keying errors or incorrect email addresses being used for applications.

The Solution

Clearfield researched possible solutions and arranged demos of software that were potentially a good fit. It was important to find a solution that not only overcame their main challenges but also provided a great user experience to really help their consultants on a day to day basis.

idibu stood out as having the best integration with RDB, a simple and easy to use platform that needed little training – so consultants could start getting the benefits quickly. idibu also stood out on price and customer service.

Thomas Ingram from Clearfield says:

“idibu represented real value for money, the solution has everything we need and is really user friendly so we have been able to see the benefits immediately”

The Benefits

Clearfield are now using idibu’s traffic light system to quickly progress ideal candidates forward against a specific role but also to automactially add other quality candidates directly into RDB. This means they are building up a fantastic talent pool for future job roles which in turn will ensure a better return on job advert spending and also reduce time to hire.

Furthermore, idibu’s autoresponders ensure that candidates are immediately informed of their application status, keeping communication consistent and building trust with the Clearfield brand.

Job posting across multiple channels has now been automated and consultants can see all applicants in one place. Not having to copy and paste job advert copy to different platforms has significantly reduced the manual admin and keying errors.

Clearfield’s consultants can post jobs and manage applicants without having to log into a separate portal, as this is now all managed by idibu inside the RDB platform. The onboarding and support from idibu has ensured that everyone is up to speed and using the software quickly and efficiently.

Thomas Ingram says:

“idibu is an exceptional tool that is a must have for businesses looking for an easy and simple advertising platform”