Case study

KDC Resource

We consider idibu to be the benchmark when it comes to software integration and ease of use, it’s as good as it gets.

Peter BurdenKDC Resource

About KDC Resource

KDC Resource are experts in engineering recruitment for aerospace and defence. Specialist, domain-specific consultants match the very best engineers and support professionals with the cream of European aerospace and defence companies.

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  • Size: 11-50 employees
  • Specialities: Permanent Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), engineering recruitment, aerospace recruitment, defence recruitment, cybersecurity recruitment, manufacturing recruitment, operations recruitment

The Challenge

KDC Resource wanted a tight integration between their job posting software and CRM. The software in place at the time did not have a good process for handing-off applicant data information into their CRM, and trying to tackle this problem had led to a multi-layered process using multiple software platforms that were not intuitive or easy to use.

Furthermore, KDC wanted to ensure that their CRM had clean, good quality information but were experiencing problems with duplication of candidate records.

KDC were looking for software that not only simplified the process of job posting and applicant management, but also had good reporting and provided insightful information on the most effective candidate attraction channels.

The Solution

KDC went to market to find an integrated solution and did extensive research to compare cost and functionality across a number of solutions.

idibu stood out as they were able to provide the best CRM integration and demonstrated an easy-to-use, quick to post, fully optimised and cost effective solution that passed applicant information seamlessly – ensuring good quality data and accurate reporting.

Also high on KDC’s list of requirements was customer service.

Peter Burden, CEO of KDC Group says “we have a great client relationship with idibu, they always follow up after any issues and they have ensured a consistently high level of service and support, we have always had the same contacts at idibu who have a real understanding of us and our business”

The Benefits

Implementing idibu has resolved the challenges that KDC were experiencing with their previous provider and internal processes.

Crispin Hume, Business Manager at KDC says:

“the integration is that good that we can manage the whole job posting and applicant management process from inside our CRM”

he information provided by idibu ensures that not only do KDC have visibility on key stats such as spend, candidate sources and acquisition channels, they also can go into any candidate and see what has been recorded, what actions have been taken and where the candidate came from ensuring a paperless audit trail of events and activity.

idibu has enabled huge time and therefore cost saving for KDC, speeding up time to hire and reducing the amount of time the recruiters spend chasing information.

Peter Burden says:

“we consider idibu to be the benchmark when it comes to software integration and ease of use, it’s as good as it gets”.