idibu Features

idibu delivers tremendous uplift in hires from your talent pools. Analyse your activity & hiring funnel to improve ROI and performance.

Open up sourcing channels, multi-post to all your job boards, revive unread CVs, shorten shortlisting time & keep candidates fresh and engaged!

Top features to help you reduce your time to hire

Talent Pools

Increase hires from your talent pools

It’s not uncommon to see up to 30% of applications going unread. It’s a crazy waste of money! idibu searches and matches to find the stars in your talent pools before posting jobs.

Candidate Sources

Get control of your marketing spend

Monitor posting to all job boards, aggregators and social media. Improve your results and ROI by reviewing candidate flow with our analytics & reporting suite.


Engage candidates to improve relationships

Our surveys show the most important thing for candidates is communication. Our automated email program keeps candidates informed throughout the hiring process.

Multi Source

Multi-source to find the best quickly

Run one search template and instantly receive CV matches from your suite of databases. Saves you admin time and lets consultants spend more time contacting and recruiting great candidates.

idibu has more features (so you make more placements in less time)

Job posting

One advert, one post gives increased exposure to candidates across boards, aggregators & social media. Our analytics save you money by showing where you get your quality candidates.

Applicant Tracking

All your applicants from all your sources in one quick-to-sift funnel – with instant preview of the original CV as well as extracted key skills, work history and social network contextual profiling.

Talent Pooling (including search & match)

Increase hires from internal talent pools. Some teams show 25% of unread applications each month. Find these people and increase your ROI on already spent marketing dollar.

Candidate Clipper

Quickly build your talent pools from across the web. Don’t waste time and money on duplicate records and using additional credits. With one click, you can create candidate profiles.

Automated engagement

Our engagement suites creates intelligent automated emails to keep candidates informed throughout the process. Saves you money and time and improves the experience for candidates.

Remote CV database search

Search multiple CV databases in one hit, meaning you don’t have to keep logging in and out of different databases – with the results returned in one easy-to-manage list.

Landing pages

Mobile optimised application landing pages reduce bounce rates, and let you filter candidates at point of application. Custom application fields can integrate directly into the custom fields of your CRM/ATS.


Chat to your candidates using our 2-way SMS service. Mobile messaging is used by everyone, and it can a more efficient way to chat to your candidate than just relying on email.

CV export

Instant creation of beautiful looking, anonymised CVs in PDF format using your own custom branded themes and templates, all ready to share with your clients.

Digital footprint

Learn more about the candidates applying for your roles. idibu automatically searches over 120 social networks to add context and better profiling to your applicants.

Advanced analytics

Real insights about how you source candidates – watch the flow and falloff rate in your hiring funnel. Understand where you get the best quality candidates from – and of course, how well you utilise your idibu Talent Pool to make placements faster at a lower cost.

Fast CRM/ATS integration

Our record so far to integrate idibu inside a CRM is 2 hours!

We’ve made an easy-to-implement, standardised approach that gives you the basics like Job Posting and Applicant Tracking – but access to all our other services, as well as any custom features you’d like us to develop for you.

Find out more in our API documention area.