Hiring in the Age of Transparency

Hiring in the Age of Transparency

Hiring in the Age of Transparency

May 27, 2015 Company blog 0

The introduction of social media has not only brought a new depth to personal interaction but also, in more recent years, a greater transparency for employers and both active and passive job candidates.

As an example, with no intent on finding a new job himself, in 2011, Joseph Roualdes, decided to share a video of his scuba diving on social media. Whilst his intention was to share these treasured memories with his circle of close personal peers, he unknowingly became a target for recruiters.

This is no one-off. Whilst social media has become a haven for active job seekers, leaders agree that the greatest benefit to its prevalence in recruitment is that hard to reach and passive candidates are easily sourced.

The transparency of such platforms has allowed recruiters to ditch traditional forms of recruiting and adopt a more modern approach. The increased transparency also makes it easier for recruiters to find candidates for positions in which skills are in short supply.


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