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idibu is a talent marketing platform that facilitates better relationships between candidate and recruiter. Our software allows you to build vibrant talent pools that integrate seamlessly into the candidate’s job seeking journey and the recruiter’s workflow.


Relationships start with the recruiter attracting candidates with meaningful communication in the right places.

Build vibrant talent pools from all relevant candidate channels such as job boards, LinkedIn, Aggregators, Google, Social media (including Twitter & Facebook) and your own databases. We use automated landing pages to kick off a seamless candidate experience and include proprietary matching software to support the shortlisting offer.


Relationships develop through honest, authentic and timely communication.

No candidate enquiry is left unanswered, no jobs left unfilled. Keep abreast of social updates from your talent pool and communicate with candidates in their preferred way. This includes 2 way SMS, auto-responders and video interviewing. All records and communication are added automatically and are visible to every team member.


Relationships strengthen through delivering on your promises and engaging at the right time in the right way.

Keep your talent pools fresh and vibrant. Set up a bespoke, behaviour based communication strategy & send the right content to the right people at the right time. Talent analytics help you discover further improvements. Integration with existing CRMs and ATS is smooth and easy.