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Maximise your Recruitment CRM.

Multi-post your jobs to all your job-boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Indeed. Produce a constant pipeline of fresh talent delivered straight back into your recruitment software.


idibu’s multi-posting system is designed and built to complement your recruitment CRM or ATS.

We push your jobs from inside there and out across the net in a matter of clicks to circa 1000 job boards AND your social media sites…


Manage your applications and deliver a better recruiter and candidate experience.

Traffic light filters reject or progress to Bullhorn in seconds. Data-rich profiles help you to shortlist faster, and our branded auto-responders keep candidates informed throughout the process.


All the data you need to save and make money and improve your business.

Uncover which sources work and which don’t with our advanced reporting suite. Over 16 reports provide feedback on costs, recruiter
activity and sources.

Go where the candidates are

Identify & match untapped candidates in your talent pools. Revive 1000s of zombie CVs from your database and spend your money wisely.

Attract people from job boards & aggregators with our multi-posting tool. Add CVs with our candidate clipper from  LinkedIn & Social Media. Read more

Reduce cost per hire

30% of applicants do not receive a single communication. That’s a monumental waste of money, let alone the damage to your reputation.

Engage to retain their loyalty. Keep information fresh and up-to-date with our engagement suite, including 2 way SMS, auto-responders and video interviewing with all communications tracked. Read more

Understand your hiring funnel

From visit to hire – understand every step in your hiring funnel. Fine-tune your business, forecast performance and ensure that every penny you spend delivers the returns you expect.

Our talent analytics help you deliver continuous improvements. Integration with existing CRMs and ATS is smooth and easy. Read more


Stanislava Zeitoun
Stanislava Zeitoun

In times when firms are focusing on improving processes and efficiencies to cut costs and save money, we found here at Telefonica, idibu really helped us achieve these goals.
Through its very accessible platform we have been able to save countless man hours on tasks that previously would have been time consuming and monotonous. Template posting across various job boards, live info on the status of specific jobs and a great customer support team, idibu has become an integral commodity of our workday. One that we simply cannot do without.

Ian McMullen
Ian McMullen
McCarthy Group

Moving from one provider to another at very short notice was always going to be a challenge however I have to say that the support team at idibu delivered for us. We threw up some challenges to the norm which have certainly tested Ben and his team however within a short space of time we were able to set things up and integrate idibu in to the business and adapt it to deliver on all fronts. Ongoing response times to queries have been excellent and overall we find the system itself is really easy-to-use as well as fast and reliablewhen handling the volume of candidate response we generate.

Andrew Land
Andrew Land
Law Staff Legal

We have been more than pleased with idibu and the support provided has been excellent…idibu has exceeded our expectations. I had been informed that our previous platform would save the data we had posted to their site in a CSV file so that it could be simply and easily uploaded to another, however when the time came they insisted on payment for this. Thankfully, following the tireless efforts of idibu and one of the boards, alternative data was uploaded and we were not held to ransom by our previous provider.

Tomas Danhel

I just want to say big thank you for all the hard work your support team is doing. You have one of the best support teams I’ve had chance to work with, and there are companies out there that could learn a thing or two from you guys.