idibu – Now posts twice as fast!

idibu – Now posts twice as fast!

idibu – Now posts twice as fast!

February 5, 2009 Company news

Fast growing, independent multi-poster idibu has today released its biggest upgrade in over 12 months. idibu pledges that the upgrade could cut time spent posting ads by half with recent tests showing an average job posted to a selection of 8 boards which previously took 6.48 minutes to input now takes less than 3 minutes*

At the heart of the upgrade is the ability to set defaults and shortlists for each of the board specific fields that are required. This allows you to choose the most common responses as your ‘default’ and other popular answers can be added to your shortlist.

For example, if many of your vacancies are in Engineering in the South-East, with a selection in Construction in the North-West, then each time you load a job, Engineering, South-West will be pre-selected meaning you don’t need to complete these fields. The ‘idibu Shortlist’ icon will show alongside what was previously a long list of alternate locations and sectors – click on this to bring up your personal selection of options – in this case, Construction, North-West and you’re done.

Another addition is the ‘Quick Fill’ which means inputting the same information multiple times into some board specific questions is a thing of the past. Completing ‘Quick Fill’ will enter data automatically to certain extra fields (e.g. Salary description) without you needing to type it out again.

Martin Bramall, Account Director commented on the upgrade. ‘The upgrade makes a huge difference to the posting experience. I know this is already sounding clichéd but in the current climate, the ability to get ads out as quickly as possible and allow yourself more time to concentrate on other tasks is, we believe, paramount for anyone with an online presence.’

To sign up for a free trial – call the idibu team on 0800 311 2750 or email

* Example used involved completing all board specific fields