idibu celebrates 10th anniversary with record numbers

idibu celebrates 10th anniversary with record numbers

idibu celebrates 10 years!

idibu celebrates 10th anniversary with record numbers

February 13, 2017 Company news 1

13th February 2017 – Barcelona/Bangkok/Manchester – Multi-sourcing and candidate engagement platform idibu celebrates their 10th anniversary today. Founded by Steve Walker exactly 10 years ago in Barcelona, it has grown into a multinational company with 20 staff, over 500 clients & almost 1 million applications running through its systems every month. The last financial year saw idibu’s revenue grow by over 40%.

Walker, CTO, recalls: “I will always remember the very first days and the immense excitement of signing CPC Recruitment as our first client just one month after launch. That showed us there was a market. The first ATS integration with eBoss in July 2008 and Michael Page choosing us over our competitors established us as a real player in the market.”

Martin Bramall, co-founder and now MD of idibu adds: “The last 18 months have seen a seismic shift in the idibu business – I really see idibu now in startup v2 mode. We have opened up operations in APAC, received investment from Benula Capital to give us a strong board of directors and have opened a new UK base in Manchester. It is all moving in the right direction and 10 years in we are more excited about idibu’s future than ever before”

“It goes without saying”, continues Bramall”, “ but there has been incredible change in the industry over the last 10 years. We have not only detected the change, but responded to it and developed idibu into a sourcing and candidate engagement platform. It retains all the important parts of multi-posting and analytics, but we have expanded it to refresh outdated CVs automatically, rank applications by relevance and engage with candidates in any channel they prefer. The response from our clients and the market has been phenomenal.”

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  1. Steve Walker

    February 15, 2017

    It is an amazing milestone to hit 10 years - and maybe what the press release didn't emphasise enough are all the brilliant team members we have inside idibu (and my reduced follicle count).

    Working with Martin for 10 years has been fantastic - and it's important to mention Bart Jaworski who joined us 9 years ago as an intern - went fulltime - is now our Product Manager for the new idibu system, and was key in sourcing and building our great team in Poland.

    There are many other people who make up the DNA and helped define the culture of idibu - we plan to do some interviews to provide insight to the team behind idibu. In the meantime, many thanks to you all :)

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