idibu continuing to support clients through SEEKs new contract change

idibu continuing to support clients through SEEKs new contract change

idibu continuing to support clients through SEEKs new contract change

February 20, 2020 Company news 0

As we all know here in Australia and New Zealand, SEEK are rolling out their new pricing structure across agency accounts at the turn of contract renewals, but what does this mean for idibu clients and how are we going to help?

The key change and for some which brings the most concern, is the new variable pricing which means no more “one size fits all” approach to your advertising but where the cost per advert is determined now by the availability of talent on SEEK’s marketplace within different locations and sectors.

Via the new SEEK Ad Selection Panel, hirers now have direct access via idibu to all SEEK job types, including Premium. idibu mirrors the contract arrangement you have with SEEK allowing you to promote your roles via the Classic model, Standout for stronger brand awareness and marketing or Premium, with higher visibility of your advert to candidates for those hard to fill roles.

These changes have been implemented by SEEK to make their marketplace more flexible and fair for hirers as well as improve the candidates experience – which is good for all right?

But how do you know what these candidates are now going to cost the business? This is where idibu comes in. As a partner to SEEK, we have been working very closely over the last few months to introduce our new SEEK Ad Selection Panel. Via our new dynamic integration with SEEK, you will be able to see – at point of posting, EXACTLY how much the advert is going to cost, ensuring there are no surprises and the value of the candidate is understood.

But in true idibu style we don’t intend to stop there! The next steps are to use this information to feedback via our reporting suite who is posting what, to where and why, with the view to manage quotas and spend at user level based upon a value not just a posting credit – watch this space for more updates!

If you would like more information on this contact Hazel Walker, Operations Director APAC at


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