idibu launches newly re-designed V3 platform

idibu launches newly re-designed V3 platform

idibu launches newly re-designed V3 platform

October 12, 2015 Company news 0

Following a successful first public demonstration at last week’s Recruitment Agency Expo North, idibu this week officially launches its new V3 platform.

The company is evolving the current ‘multi-posting’ system to better offer recruiters and in-house teams the power to build their brands and engage with candidates as opposed to just posting jobs. Completely redesigned from the ground up, V3 has a fully integrated posting & tracking engine, but adds a variety of tools that significantly enhance the users’ ability to attract and engage candidates more efficiently.

These include:

  • Bespoke landing pages with video interviewing allowing users to brand application URL’s and set up filtering rules
  • A web clipper tool to quickly copy and paste candidates into your talent pool
  • Branded CVs, 2WaySMS, candidate auto-matching and much more

Managing Director, Martin Bramall said “We want to help bring recruiters and candidates closer together and improve all lines of communication. idibu is perfectly placed to help – we’re connected to thousands of job boards and social media sites, we’re used by hundreds of recruiters and we contact thousands of candidates every day.”


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