idibu offers Apfilter FREE for 2011

idibu offers Apfilter FREE for 2011

idibu offers Apfilter FREE for 2011

August 12, 2011 Company news

For the remainder of 2011, if you sign up to Aptrack we’ll throw in Apfilter absolutely FREE.

Apfilter adds bespoke screening across multiple-postings as well as creating searchable databases & the filtering of ‘best-match’ candidates to vacancies. The offer ends at midnight, December 31st 2011.

MD Steve Walker explained our reasons behind the offer:
“We’re keen to create as wide an audience as possible for Apfilter to really show the advantages it gives. As always with idibu, it’s about saving time – both getting to your best matched applicants quicker, and also cutting out inappropriate candidates in a candidate rich environment. It’s unique in the market and we know that using Apfilter can help our clients get an edge on their competitors.”

Some of the benefits of Apfilter:

Find your strongest candidates quickly
Get access to your top rated candidates in seconds. Set up filters so that high ranking applicants are emailed to you immediately and marked as you want them to ensure you don’t miss them – ’10/10 candidate received for position X’.

Filter out applicant noise
Filter out the growing amount of non-suitable applicants. It takes seconds for you to create and seconds for the candidate to complete – the end result is it saves you hours and days to not have to go through 100’s of candidates that are completely irrelevant.

Search your applicant pool
As Apfilter allows you to search by the very questions you yourself set in your surveys, you can now search deeper and more accurately than ever before. For example, ‘show applicants with over 5 years experience’ then ‘everyone living within commutable distance’ and add to that ‘all candidates with relevant professional qualifications’. With 100% accuracy, ApFilter allows you to create bespoke candidate profiling like Linkedin or iProfile.

Make full use of your data
Using our API you can grab all the new structured profiling data you have on your candidates and use it in your own databases.

Increase brand awareness
Apfilter is completely customisable, allowing you to create screening pages that look like your own website to reinforce company branding, as well as create links to all your social media, websites, mailing lists, job alerts and other online initiatives.

PS: Get ready for Apsearch. Coming soon from idibu….