NES Group website network - advert distribution from idibu" />NES Group website network - advert distribution from idibu,advert distribution" />

idibu powers NES Group website network

idibu powers NES Group website network

idibu powers NES Group website network

April 15, 2008 Company news

A bit of a reshuffle and a lick of virtual corporate paint to bring a web site in line with new branding – so you think that’s all it is? NES explains how the launch of its new web sites can help to advance your career:

The redevelopment, which has involved a total overhaul of the design and structure of NES sites and reflects branding changes that were announced earlier this year, has resulted in numerous improvements including the use of some of the latest technologies available through Web 2.0 to enhance the visitor experience and functionality of the site.

Advancements have also made it a more valuable tool for NES recruiters and the integration with multiple job board posting company, idibu means that vacancies appear on the NES web sites instantly. What this means for the recruiter is that, with an increased web presence drawing potential applicants to the site and immediate visibility of new vacancies, consultant success is expected to soar.

“Ultimately we are here support the recruitment needs of our clients,” says Matthew Cody, marketing director at NES. “A site that is more effective at helping us to do that is one that will also help us to further develop our professional credibility with jobseekers and everyone at NES is looking forward to reaping the benefits of all the work that has been invested in the redevelopment of these sites,” he continues.

“The launch of our web framework has many advantages for NES employees as well as our clients and candidates – it’s as much about providing our exceptional recruiters with the necessary tools to excel as it is about attracting new visitors,” Matthew concludes.