idibu raise the bar with the Native360 RDB ProNet integration

idibu raise the bar with the Native360 RDB ProNet integration

idibu raise the bar with the Native360 RDB ProNet integration

July 3, 2012 Company news 0

idibu have today launched their Native360 series of integrations, the first of which is with RDB ProNet. The series redefines the standard and quality of job-posting and tracking embedded inside a third party application.  A pure webservice based implementation; it uses the standard RDB .NET library to create the interface components, providing a natural extension to the RDB user experience. You can see the walkthrough video at

The new standard set by idibu goes further than just end user improvements – setup of a new posting account is completed inside RDB by simply clicking an “Activate posting” button and no more. New idibu accounts are created, RDB user profiles are sync’d – all in the background – leaving the user to add some job boards and/or social networks, and post. And because the users already know RDB, no extra training is required.

An added bonus for the software providers is that the idibu team is actively involved in making this happen – not only are they able to create designs and mockups for the integrations but can also perform the technical implementation, reducing resource impact on the front office provider, and injecting the project with 6 years of posting and tracking experience.

For both end-users and recruitment software providers, what this means is that there is no real set-up, no account manager discussions, and hardly any training required to provide a huge amount of extra functionality – delivered and implemented actively by a team that understands the job-posting business.

idibu is currently offering a one hour FREE consultation to anyone wanting to find out more about how using web services or how a Native360 implementation can help their business. Register at to get access to full developer resources.

Roy Snart, Managing Director of RDB said “We were very pleased to be the first company that idibu has chosen to provide application level integration of their product. RDB ProNet’s plugin architecture makes it easy for third party developers to develop and provide extra functionality to the RDB core and this integration is further proof of the benefit of this type of system design.  The integration makes it very simple for users to manage their posting service to their job boards and social media and make considerable saving in time managing their applicants who can seamlessly be added to review lists for jobs.”

For more information about Native360 and idibu web-services and how they can help your business, see or a FREE demo or 7 day FREE trial, call 0800 311 2750 or email


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