idibu releases Applicant Tracking software – Aptrack

idibu releases Applicant Tracking software - Aptrack

idibu releases Applicant Tracking software – Aptrack

July 2, 2008 Company news

idibu has today launched a new addition to its product suite – Aptrack. An applicant tracking and reporting tool, Aptrack will plug directly into idibu and is available to both existing and new clients on a 14 day free trial.

Aptrack collates applications received from job advertisements posted through idibu and provides a range of statistics that give users a detailed analysis of exactly how their on-line advertising is performing.

The data provided covers three main areas – Application & Job Board Analysis, Consultant Analysis, and Overall Statistics and allows you to –

  1. Rate and organise your candidates (directly from your email)
  2. See which boards produce the most applicants per ad (as well as analysis of applicant quality)
  3. Analyse Consultants – response rate to ads, ad copy effectiveness
  4. View posting and applicant stats. by month, week, day or hour of the day
  5. Calculate the true ROI of your advertising budget.

All the above data can be downloaded simply into an Excel spreadsheet.

The information provided by Aptrack will be invaluable to agencies that want to calculate ROI on their on-line spend. idibu Managing Director Steve Walker predicts the new addition to their portfolio will bring further added value to users of idibu. He said, “Launching Aptrack is a proud moment for us. We’re excited to be able to bring a cutting edge tool to idibu and one that really adds value to our clients. I know we always seem to mention this, but again we have listened to what our clients wanted and responded. We believe Aptrack will really make a difference to our clients – smaller agencies will benefit from detailed analysis of their applicants and larger agencies from detailed management analysis tools.”

Glenn Unstead is Chairman of Perfect Placement Automotive Recruitment Agency who have been using the software in beta stage and has been impressed. “Aptrack has added a whole new dimension to idibu. We spend a lot of money each year on our on-line advertising and to see exactly where we are getting the best response for that spend is vital. As well as this we can now see exactly which consultants are writing the most successful ads and we’re confident that usingAptrack is really going to help us improve our ROI.”

Call the idibu team on 0800 311 2750 to sign up for a free trial of idibu with Aptrack.

Source onrec.