idibu Team Workshop 2016 in Barcelona

idibu Team Workshop 2016 in Barcelona

idibu Team Workshop 2016 in Barcelona

December 5, 2016 Steve's blog 0

Last week was the annual idibu knees up where we try to get as many of the team together as we can. Every successful business is always about the people in it, and no matter how good communication tools like Slack get, you cannot beat some face time.

The idibu team are frankly awesome! I find myself constantly thankful to be surrounded by such a talented set of individuals with energy and enthusiasm directed at driving idibu forward.

…and it was a big change from the event we held 18 months previously.

Gone were the questions about brand identity and business direction – instead the workshop was a very focussed and confident analysis and planning session of what we need to do to take the services and features we’d created in 2016 and allow them to fulfil their potential in 2017.

Our MD Martin Bramall led the way with the vision for 2017 with Felix Wetzel sharing his insights of the market, and Miles Hunt providing the top-level summations. But the highlights of the event were the presentations from the team working groups. And perhaps Seba getting his first taste of snails.

Lots of fun – a great event with a great team 🙂


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