idibu to spark recruitment revolution with launch of Apfilter.

idibu to spark recruitment revolution with launch of Apfilter.

idibu to spark recruitment revolution with launch of Apfilter.

July 25, 2010 Company news

Innovative software provider idibu today announced a new addition to its product suite with the launch of applicant filtering software – ApFilter, the first software of its type dedicated to the Recruitment and HR sectors.

Noting the change in the employment landscape from industry and news reports as well as the huge spike in applicants received from its multi-posting software, idibu began to build ApFilter in September 2009. The key differentiator to ApFilter is that applicants are screened across all sources: job boards, company websites and social networks. This results in a pool of applicants that can be searched, compared and organised. You can do all this at the point of advert delivery to multiple locations by using ApFilter together with the idibu multi-posting system.

Once applicants are received, users have full control over the data which is completely standardised to allow searches on particular responses or combinations of responses as well as the setting of rules which result in automatic actions – rejection of applicant or forwarding to CRM and/or email being the most popular. Applicant data also filters into and automatically updates idibu’s applicant tracking module – iTrack.

Key benefits :

  • Classic and customised per-screening
  • Creates a standardised profile structure of candidates
  • Search and organise candidates with 100% accuracy
  • Push structured data back into your front office
  • Fully integrated with idibu’s applicant tracking module

“Consultants are dealing with applicant noise overload as so many candidates apply for so few roles. We noted recently that Lidl received around 12,000 applications for just fifty graduate positions – ApFilter addresses this problem and is a natural evolution of our service offering. idibu gets adverts to multiple destinations quickly and now ApFilter aids the filtering and organisation of the huge number of applications. We recognise there are existing screening providers out there, but ApFilter is different – it takes seconds to add a screen during the posting process, all sources are screened and it delivers an applicant pool you can search using the exact questions you asked in the first place”

Steve Walker, Managing Director of idibu