Job posting

Job posting

Job posting made easy

Job Posting technology has re-invented how job ads are delivered online,
resulting in hundreds of hours saved for a small investment on setup.

Get better, get faster

Save time and money by completing just one form that posts instantly to all your job boards, social networks and company website. Re-post or remove ads in seconds.

Rolled out in hours

Simple training sessions with our service delivery team are done via webinar or onsite visits. With no server install needed you’ll be up and posting in hours.

Huge network of job boards

Around 1500 available sites and our network is growing all the time. If you use a board we don’t connect to, just ask and we can add it within 20 working days (on receipt of API docs).

Integrate into your other software

idibu works with all the leading recruitment CRMs, and using our Open API can be added easily to bespoke systems. Works seamlessly with all CV parsers such as Daxtra and Burning Glass.