Everything you need to run your recruitment business online.

Thanks to the revolutionary eBoss software, the only things that are needed to run an online recruitment business is an Internet connection and a web browser. eBoss allows users to streamline the business process by having all the tools in one location. With eBoss, a user can view and categorize a potential client’s information, generate and view reports, and perform all the tasks required to completely manage a project. eBoss will even backup data regularly and in real time.

Since some messages can’t wait, eBoss also makes communication a breeze. Users can send and receive email and have client information sent directly your database. eBoss also makes staying connected with clients simple through a built-in SMS feature. The system also includes an email and newsletter manager that will ensure clients stay informed.

We at eBoss take great pride in the flexibility of our software. We listen to our customers and make regular updates and additions based on the feedback we receive. In order to maximise usability and to ensure that our software does everything our customers need it to do, we listen to the best software consultants in the world – the people who rely on it every day.

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