Eploy® is the complete cloud-based recruitment platform for modern recruitment teams. Eploy combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pool Engagement, Onboarding and Analytics into a unified web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your careers site to provide an excellent experience for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers.

Finding and recruiting candidates who are the perfect fit for your roles is always challenging. Fortunately, Eploy’s world-class recruitment software makes it much easier. Eploy is designed to help you convince and convert both passive and active candidates. It’s a complete Recruitment CRM for perfect Candidate Relationship Management. So, you’ll have all the tools you need to nurture your talent relationships and make successful hires, every time. Eploy also includes an Email and SMS marketing suite – so you can craft and send compelling campaigns that promote your employer brand and measure your engagement with your ideal talent.

Eploy is precision-engineered to work on all devices and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. Eploy automates and simplifies recruitment processes to help you attract, engage, recruit and onboard candidates quickly. As Eploy is also your full talent engagement platform you can manage your relationships with candidates, departments and hiring managers better. With a high degree of measurability, you can track and analyse your recruitment performance, quality, costs and timescales accurately.

Our cloud-based recruitment platform is reinforced with market-leading mentoring and cross-sector expertise so you get the training and support you need to achieve a powerful commercial advantage.