Recruitwise Technology

Recruitwise Technology

Founded in 2009 by Darren Revell a former recruiter, manager of recruiters, trainer of recruiters and recruitment company owner, now a WebGrasp Digital company.

Darren began his recruitment career in 1993 at Franklyn Human Resources a Humana franchise, in 12 months he became the largest biller at the company and the 2nd largest biller on the 150-recruiter strong Humana network in his first year.

In 2005 Darren began making websites for recruiters, job boards and career sites backed by web promotion services in the form of Recruitment SEO, Google Adwords promotion, Social Media promotion, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Blogging.

Today we have made over 100 sites and helped 20 or so with web promotion. Our clients range from home office one-person companies to very large EU wide recruiters; so far our country count is 15 and 20 languages.

Today we have 12 staff members, who work from 6 offices, in three countries. Our service offering is the lowest priced highest featured service on offer to recruiters, job board entrepreneurs and corporate recruiters. See for more details.