Corporate job posting and applicant tracking.

Adpost HR is a fusion of Adpost and Aptrack that together form the perfect system to save time and improve efficiency for today’s corporate sector.


Multi-posting technology has revolutionised how job advertisements are delivered online resulting in huge amounts of time saved for it’s users. Fast, accurate and simple to use, Adpost is the back­bone of idibu’s product range.


Aptrack is candidate management and performance analysis software that allows you to track and manage all applicants from job boards and your own site*, as well as providing detailed analysis of board effectiveness and advertiser activity in the form of weekly and monthly reports.


Adpost HR gives you the ultimate in flexibility as you simply purchase the credits you need. No long term contracts, just pay as you post with tracking and candidate management included absolutely FREE!

Benefits of using Adpost HR:

Free up your time and effectiveness

It takes about 4-5 minutes to add an advert to a job board, so just 4 boards alone can be 20 minutes of your time. idibu will post to all your boards and more in the same 4-5 minutes literally stealing back hours of your time during the busy working week.

Unlimited destinations

One posting credits lets you send an advert out to as many destinations as you want, and deleting adverts from the boards is free.

Track your candidates

Set-up the Aptrack system to manage all your candidates – there are no limits on email auto-responders and different ways to interact with your applicants.

Detailed analysis

See which job boards are working for you and keep an eye on your budgets. Split reporting out into separate clients or campaigns.

Why not screen your applicants too?

Talk to idibu about enabling Apfilter on your account to slash the amount of inappropriate applicants and search your applicant pool with ease.

Adpost HR saves you time, money and improves efficiency. Like all idibu products it is fully customisable and can be adapted to meet your business’ needs.

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