Applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking system

Manage applicants, receive regular reports

idibu has applicant tracking baked into your candidate management system. It allows you to track and manage all applicants from job boards, social media, local talent pools and your own site, as well as providing detailed analysis of job board and consultant performance via weekly and monthly reports.

Analyse posting destinations

Monitor and compare the quality and quantity of applicants and their origin. Track ratio’s of applicants Vs. ads posted for different boards, understand the real cost of an applicant.

Management of candidates

Auto-responder emails to candidates, tag, add notes and shortlist candidates, forward to other team members or create candidate records in your CRM.

Consultant tracking & analysis

Tracked data shows which team members create the most effective adverts, the advert response rate as well as the individual consultants job posting cost.

Monthly and weekly management reporting

A wide range of reports to show how, when and how well your team and your adverts are working. Complete breakdown of ads posted, applicants received, monthly/weekly/daily data summaries.

Export your tracking data

Download system reports to Excel whenever you want to. Create offline analysis and archived tracking records. Let idibu create customized applicant reports to export tracking statistics directly into your internal systems.

Work faster

The idibu Applicant Tracking System saves you time, money and improves efficiency. Like all idibu products it is fully customisable and can be adapted to meet your business’ needs.