Would you like to search ALL your CV databases in one hit?

With Apsearch you can!

Apsearch searches your multiple CV databases in one hit, meaning you don’t have to keep logging in and out of different databases. Not only that, it brings back all the results in one easy-to-manage list which means you can work with the returned candidates much easier.


Setting idibu aside from the competition, you can also search WHILST you post out your adverts, saving you yet more time.


Apsearch benefits from idibu’s partnership with Daxtra Technology and utilises the power of SearchStation, meaning it’s well tested with a big library of databases already available.


A clean, simple interface almost renders any training redundant. It comes with CV previews, the ability to create shortlists and add tags and notes. Watchdogs monitor new candidates hitting the market sending you daily email updates.

You can send candidates into any Front Office System (just let us know which you use), your Outlook Inbox or directly into Aptrack.

Features & Benefits of using Apsearch:

Wide searching

A large selection of databases to search including Social Networks like LinkedinWatchdogs

Let Apsearch watch the market for new candidates automatically, and get told about them before your competitors do

CV Preview

Get a one click summary to quickly view key candidate details before you decide whether to download their CV or not

Linkedin Inmails

Send Linkedin messages and Inmails directly from inside Apsearch


Create a shortlist against any search, refine your shortlist further – and then perform mass actions such as mail outs or the creation of a candidate record in your Front Office System

Search local databases

You’ve spent precious advertising budget on getting applicants from job boards. Now maximise that value by searching every applicant to have entered Aptrack again and again


Sort and order candidates with the idibu tagging system

Vacancy Flip

Found a candidate that’s perfect for another role you have? You can push a candidate into any other search you are working on, ready for the next time you work on that role

Forward to Front Office, Aptrack or email

Apsearch can be configured to forward the candidates directly into your Front Office System, push them into Aptrack, or just send them directly into your email inbox

Apsearch saves you time, money and improves efficiency. Like all idibu products it is fully customisable and can be adapted to meet your business’ needs.

Click here to arrange a free trial or call us on +44(0)800 311 2750 now.

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