Candidate boost

Candidate boost

Need a boost? Fill up those shortlists with idibu.

Candidate Boost gets your job in the right places online and delivers access to CVs quickly and easily.

If you’re working on a role and haven’t had the response you need, you can now employ idibu to help fill up your shortlists.

What is it?

A repost of a job (already posted) out to our wide-ranging network of major job-boards. We’ll send through quality candidates to fill immediate jobs whilst building a database for future roles.

Quick results

Within just five hours of receiving your brief we will research the role, write the advert tailored to the most effective boards, advertise it and filter the response.

The service costs £99/£149/£199 depending on whether you advertise for 1, 2 or 4 week periods.

Speak to the idibu team to find out more.