Inhouse recruitment

Inhouse recruitment

Talent Management made simple

Based on our experience of working as in-house recruiters for Boohoo, Cargill and eon we have developed a full candidate sourcing platform which allows you to attract and engage the best talent. Our platform allows you to build vibrant talent pools and takes away all the repeat administrative tasks, leaving you to build relationships with candidates and hiring managers.


Talent pools

We take a holistic approach to talent pools: The next hire could come from the internal workforce, the alumni network, your customer base or referrals. Key is flexibility in building distinct talent pools easily, finding the relevant candidate quickly and communicating progress and updates timely and simply.

  • Simple setup of bespoke talent pools
  • Build participants from external sources
  • Automated short listing of the most relevant candidates
  • Behaviour based communication system


Talent analytics

We understand the pressure you are under: Be on top of all your metrics and understand the conversion rate and performance indicators of your entire hiring funnel. Use your data not only for tracking and analysing areas improvements, but building robust forecasts for future roles.

  • Simple integration into 3rd party platforms
  • Visually attractive and immediately actionable
  • A set of tools to get you started
  • Bespoke analysis


Candidate experience

We embrace marketing principles and approaches to build attractive employment brands. The most influential factor is the candidate experience. It needs to be smooth, frictionless and to the same standards as people are used to from say, retail experiences, for everybody involved: talent, recruiter and hiring manager.

  • Achieve better conversion rates through tailored and branded landing pages
  • Track the online behaviour of potential recruits via short cuts to their social profiles
  • Use our light, agile ATS focused only on what you really need
  • Ideal for mobile and tablet use


Strategy consultancy

We are here to help your talent strategy to become a resounding success. Having worked for 15 years in in-house teams for brands such as eon, Cargill and boohoo we understand the environment you are working in, the challenges you face and the solutions that can help.

  • Audit of current approach
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • System implementation
  • On-going performance analysis