What Skills Can Tech Replace? – Greg Savage – Interview Part 3

What People Skills Can Tech Replace? – Greg Savage – Interview Part 3

Greg Savage

What People Skills Can Tech Replace? – Greg Savage – Interview Part 3

November 15, 2017 idibu podcasts 0

Greg Savage has a career spanning four decades, founder of 4 highly successful businesses, a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Greg and I talk about the future of recruitment, the necessity of change, the skills technology can replace, staying productive, and personal insights. Part 3 of this 5 part podcast (part 2 can be found here) focusses on the skills that technology can replace, asking Greg questions such as:

  • Business insights.. What methods have created the most success in the past?
  • With so many modern methods of marketing, are there any old industry habits you think have been lost that you’d like to see return?
  • Are there fundamental skills in candidate engagement that can’t be replaced with tech?
  • How can tech ‘grease the cogs’ and help consultants be more productive and relate to people?
  • What success have you seen with advances in tech that have helped consultants do their jobs? What things were you sure would take off that never did?
  • What’s the worst advice you hear being given out to people?

You can find out more about Greg Savage (@greg_savage) at his website.

Greg is currently doing a big speaking tour of the UK (November). If you’re a recruiter go to one of his talks in Glasgow, London, Manchester – contact him for more information.

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