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writing effective job ads

How to write engaging job ads (and why it still matters).

August 18, 2020 Company blog 0

Job ads might seem like a strange thing for a recruiter to care about at this moment in time. You’ll have noticed the changing dynamic...

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Time Is Money: Streamline your Hiring Process using Online Recruitment Software

October 9, 2018 Company blog 0

Time and money – the two words that dominate the lexicon of today’s recruiters and hiring managers, and the two words that create one of...

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3 Key Steps to Unleashing the Power of Job Boards

June 3, 2015 Company blog 0

Whatever you think about job boards, their staying power and determination in a fast moving industry is plain to see and something that cannot be ignored.

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When Job Postings Go Bad

May 27, 2015 Company blog 0

A job posting should sell your employer brand and the role to attract candidates of the highest calibre.

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Quantity vs. Quality – How Many Job Boards Should You Be Using?

April 20, 2015 Company blog 0

A robust recruitment advertising strategy demands that you assess all available job boards when deciding which of them best suit your needs.

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How webservices can be your secret weapon against inefficiency

July 13, 2012 Company blog 0

The first week of July has seen a continuation of the UK’s monsoon season, as well as the release of the first in idibu’s new Native360 Series. A series of next-gen integrations designed using only webservices; the Native360 has been launched with the plug-in to the RDB ProNet system.

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