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Time Is Money: Streamline your Hiring Process using Online Recruitment Software

October 9, 2018 Company blog 0

Time and money – the two words that dominate the lexicon of today’s recruiters and hiring managers, and the two words that create one of...

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Placing Yourself in your Candidate Shoes can Change the Way you Manage your Entire Candidate Experience?

July 28, 2015 Company blog 0

So, you think you have a solid candidate attraction strategy? Think again and remember, candidates minds work differently to yours.

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How Technology Transformed the Recruitment Industry

June 3, 2015 Company blog 0

Whether you were born into the technology era or brought into it mid-life, there can be no denying on the effects of technology in our everyday life.

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The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology – will Recruiting and Hiring Ever Not Need Humans?

May 27, 2015 Company blog 0

As recruiting moves through the ages, every couple of decades, a new twist and turn introduces itself that promises to shake the industry once more.

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