Why idibu? Why blog? Why now?

Why idibu? Why blog? Why now?

Why idibu? Why blog? Why now?

October 18, 2016 Steve's blog

The family is society in the embryo; it is the native soil on which performance of moral duty is made early through natural affection, so that within a small circle a basis of moral practice is created, and this is later widened to include human relationships in general.”

The ‘WHY’ of idibu is all about creating great relationships – because just as the I Ching Hexagram No.37 tells us: families, friendships, businesses and societies – all depend on inter-relating in the best way possible.

Jump the S curve!

R1101D_AWhile almost 10 years have elapsed since our launch in 2007, the business I founded along with Martin (our MD) is just hitting its best phase ever. After arriving into a job post and ATS paradigm market in the UK, ruled by Broadbean and Conkers, we’ve built up a great company with an amazing team and over 500 clients.

But as “Reinvent Your Business Before It’s Too Late” explains:

Long before a successful business hits its revenue peak, the basis of competition on which it was founded expires. … The first hidden S curve tracks how competition in an industry is shifting. High performers see changes in customer needs and create the next basis of competition in their industry, even as they exploit existing businesses that have not yet peaked”.

And that feeling catalysed a much needed idibu business review in August 2016.

Brand clarity – Attract. Engage.

Knowing our existence is to create great relationships, we’ve evolved into a full recruitment marketing platform, providing job posting as just one of the ways we Attract candidates, with a growing set of cool Engagement tools. And being a platform means we can easily embed and deliver partner technology as well as adapt to the different ways the world will be recruiting in the future.

Adios Don Draper!

offending_deodorant2-e13893829729241Think of recruitment marketing of 2016 and the last decade having been much like Mad Men style advertising of in the 1950’s. You whacked up some billboards or commissioned a TV ad for any new product and people bought the product. That model is long-outdated and no longer works.

The world of advertising and marketing has become increasingly more sophisticated with the targeted likes of Google Pay Per Click as one example. And this is where recruitment marketing tools of the future such as idibu are traveling towards.

Blog now…

The next 10 years will see technology properly harnessed by the Recruitment Industry. There has never been such an exciting time to be involved.

A major part of my role is to talk to clients, partners, competitors, analysts and other technology companies and technologists in the recruiting space – as I focus on pushing the idibu technology platform forward. Talking about how technology can be tamed to truly improve lives as opposed to enslaving them is a deep passion of mine, and I wanted to share some of these conversations and other thoughts with you.