Measure it! Get maximum ROI from your online spend

Find out which attraction channels are working and which aren’t with our advanced reporting suite.

Sixteen distinct reports monitor and track activity to provide detailed analytics on ROI, consultant and team performance
Track application sources and find out which channels are providing quality candidates and which are just noise. Get source information straight into your recruitment CRM so you can see exactly where the top talent is coming from
Use webhook technology (including Zapier) to send your data into other systems you use – from Google Sheets to machine learning analytics, or other applications that form a part of your business
Why not setup an automated trigger to send accepted candidates a psychometric test? Just one of many tasks that idibu can automate to bring you closer to your candidates and your workflows

Reporting suite gives you all the data you need to measure ROI

Track application source, measure and improve performance

Manage out the least cost effective areas of your recruitment activity

Cutting edge integrations (including Zapier) let you automate additional processes

“idibu put themselves in our shoes to see how they could improve the process and they have continued to reach out to ensure that we are always getting the most out of the software. idibu saves us time at every single stage of the process, everything about it is good. idibu is an integral part of our process to make volume recruitment straight forward.”

Els Hol-Ferman

Access Group