Tell the story. Get the data.
Get it into your CRM.

Application pages help you get key info at point of apply and push it directly into your recruitment CRM.

Connect better with candidates by improving the application experience with time saving tools such as “Apply by Seek”, Monster etc, easy CV upload from mobiles via Dropbox and Google Drive.
Video and text fields tell your story better helping you build your brand images leading to more candidates. Well designed pages means no ugly, overlong forms which can put people off applying.
Custom questions, text fields and video interviews give you the data to better review and shortlist candidates. And remember, we push everything into your recruitment CRM.
Added bonus is for often overfilled roles, you have filters and rules to auto-screen applications to massively save time on non-suitable applications.

Capture key data and get it into your recruitment CRM

Improve the initial candidate experience

Tell your story, build your brand

Auto-screen candidates

“The integration is that good that we can manage the whole job posting and applicant management process from inside our CRM. We consider idibu to be the benchmark when it comes to software integration and ease of use, it’s as good as it gets.”

Peter Burden

KDC Resource