Go Where The Candidates Are

Identify & match untapped candidates in your talent pools. Revive 1000s of zombie CVs from your database and spend your money wisely.

Attract people from job boards & aggregators with our multi-posting tool. Add CVs with our candidate clipper from  LinkedIn & Social Media.


Improve Revenues and NFI

30% of applicants do not receive a single communication. That’s a monumental waste of money, let alone the damage to your reputation.

Engage to retain their loyalty. Keep information fresh and up-to-date with our engagement suite, including 2 way SMS, auto-responders and video interviewing with all communications tracked.

Understand Your Hiring Funnel

From visit to hire – understand every step in your hiring funnel. Fine-tune your business, forecast performance and ensure that every penny you spend delivers the returns you expect.

Our talent analytics help you deliver continuous improvements. Integration with existing CRMs and ATS is smooth and easy.



Tomas Danhel

I just want to say big thank you for all the hard work your support team is doing. You have one of the best support teams I’ve had chance to work with, and there are companies out there that could learn a thing or two from you guys.

Lachlan Stott

We’ve been using idibu for nearly a year now with an integration built into our Salesforce platform on many different instances. We’ve found idibu to be extremely easy for the recruiters to use, and very flexible as well with our ability to reveal or hide certain fields to minimise risk. The customer service provided to our team is consistently excellent, with support both locally and globally offered to us.

Peter Burden
KDC Resource

We have worked with idibu for several years, and their technology has helped us to remove a lot of administrative tasks from our traditional work-flows. This means that our consultants can concentrate on providing the value added service that our clients expect from KDC Resource.

Ricky Martin
Hyper Recruitment

idibu have provided the support and flexibility ever since day one to help Hyper Recruitment Solutions to grow and develop to the multi-discipline, multi-country business we are today.

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